Birthday Party Ideas from Creative Event Organizers

Looking for some best Birthday Party Ideas..? Read this page. We have different ideas for a Birthday Functions according to your budget. You can even plan for a Theme Based Party. Please see our suggestions for your party. The Ideas Listed here is not the capacity we have. We can even add anything new and creative to make your party a memorable one. We welcome your idea also to tailor make the event exactly the way you wish.

If you are going to conduct your First Born’s First Birthday you will have a a lot of confusions, doubts & tensions. No worry. Please read these ideas given below.

How to do a Birthday Party? click here to read more

Most of the time we wait for last minute to decide on many things. That is when we lose our attention from many details that would have made the party more memorable……!

So if time is the constrain for you always then think of professionals to take care of your event, so that all details would be taken care of.

Suggestions for a Birthday Function

Invitation Cards ( click here to see more samples)

  • Multi color Art Board print with Baby’s different photos, Parents & grandparents Photos also may be added.
  • This invitation cards We Design, Print & even send to your address list By mail, courier or email.
  • Normal Size 6 X 4 (maxi) Size.
  • We also can make Bigger size / Laminated / back to back printed / Or Even the Invitation Card with QR CODE printed.
  • Get This Ready Early and make a list of people to be invited.

Venue ( click here to see some good venues )

Your House, Open Terrace, Garden, Nearby Restaurant, Marriage Halls, Hotels depending of the number and convenience of the people you invite.

If the venue is open, plan for Chairs, Few Tables, Shamiana, Parking…etc . Some hotels give Free Halls, Parking…etc if food is taken care by them. Some Hotels do not allow outside food & Decorations. So discuss with them exactly what your plan to avoid disappointments.


Being a professionally trained Chef with vast experiences in the hotel industry I suggest you this. Depending of the timing plan for Snacks, Cold / Hot Drinks, Veg & Non-veg Menu.

Evening is the best time. Plan your Menu very carefully. Select only what people can eat. Not what they suggest.

You may try a dinner / lunch with your spouse before you book the hall. Please remember that the cost will not decide the taste and quality of the food. When selecting food always remember who is going to eat that…!

Birthday Cake

Ordinary or Colorful Designer Cakes with cartoon Charector or Shape are available. Plan your Theme and get a cake based on the theme.

When to give cake to your guests?

If you want your guests to enjoy the food, Serve along with other sweets from the Buffet counter.

If you have more guests than expected are afraid of the availability of the food……then give them cake in advance to the dinner.


Balloon Decorations( click here to see more samples)

This is an unavoidable item in any birthday party. Plan your decorations based on the need and the Theme. When the quantity is less then better to do by yourself. Professionals are needed only for special decorations given below.

  • 2 color Bunch with 5 Balloons
  • Flower like bunch with 11 Balloons
  • Multi color Stick balloons
  • Printed Balloons
  • Balloons with Cup and Sticks
  • Loose balloons on the floor
  • Cake table Decoration with Balloons
  • Balloon Arch at Entrance
  • Hydrogen / Helium Balloons – Flying Balloons
  • Heart Shaped Balloons
  • Special Balloon Models

Back Drop / Stage Decorations( click here to see more samples)

The current trend is Flux Printed Back drop with Photos of Baby, Parents, Grand Parents & Other Lettering on Frame.

You can make a Theme Based backdrop without any extra cost.

Thermocoal letters with cloth frilled name board ( Event name, Child’s Name & Date ) OR Thermocoal letters on ordinary curtain ( Event name, Child’s Name & Date )

Welcome Banner

We have a Standee for welcome banner sized 6 feet Height and 3 Feet in Length. If we keep that one with a balloon pillar at the entrance, people can casily locate the venue.

Other Decorations

You may plan for a welcome banner at the entrance with your welcoming words, family name & your photo & Baby Photo if you wish.

Plan some roof hangers , Wall pictures of your baby , balloon hangers , balloon Flowers on walls, are good ideas.

Light Effects

We have Laser Lights , LED Serials, LED tube, Stage focus & Color Tube lights to make the event more lively.


The average time of cake cutting during an evening party is 8 pm.

So you need to entertain your guests till that time without boring.

Guests will turn in from 5:30 onwards. 6:30 – 7 pm you may find most of your guests are in. But some of your VIP s wouldn’t be there. So you must consider people who respected your time. Plan for something based on your crowd.

Magic Show

Magic show is a good idea but select a good magician. 30 minutes will be good.
We have Stage Magician, Musical Magician, & Close up Magician.

Ventriloquist with Upto 5 Talking Dolls & Magic show – TV fame

Ventriloquist would talk to his puppets and intract with them. These puppets can talk to audiance also. they use Both Tamil and English Languages. This show will be for about 60 minutes. Click here for more details

Master of Ceremony & Game Managers

If you hire a MC & Game manager, they will take care of directing and controlling your guests. They would do all announcements, getting people’s attention to the stage during cake cutting and doing some games for Kids, Adults and elders too…!. A good MC can make your party livelier. People will not have time to get bored..!

Karaoke Music

Karaoke music is a special item for a music loving group.We have some Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam & Hindi & songs collections with lyrics. Anybody can sing looking at the lyrics. We also have singers to hire. We can get Sound system with all effects based on the crowd.


Lyrics will be shown by LCD / Projector with Screen

Mimicry and Comedy

We have both Mimicry Artists and Stand up comedians. They perform up to 30 minutes. Sound effects, Imitating film stars & Cracking jokes are their items. This will workout only in vernaculars.


We have all types of dancers. They can perform Indian, International, Classic, HipHop…etc. They come in teams. We can get them for all price ranges.

Variety Dancers

They perform, 4 Legged Dance, Amazing Dance, Gorilla Dance, Robot Dance, Dwarf Dance, Double Dwarf Dances, Poochandi Dance, MGR Singer…etc as you see in TV.

Live Doll Performer

These live dolls are of human size can be an attraction for your party. They are available in Mickey, Dora & Winnie the Pooh ….etc. You can use them to welcome your guests; Play with Kids, Distribute the Return Gifts and Kids can take photo with them.

DJ Set Ups

We have different packages to meet your need. We use all high quality imported machines to give the power of music and get everyone off their feet…!

DJ set ups will be successful where there more music & dance loving people. You also can club Karaoke along with it…!

Video Projector with Screen

Can be used to display your baby’s past one year’s moments. You may make a slide show with Captions. But remember that to render in Avi / DVD/ HD format to get a clear output. This will be played once before the cake cutting and during the dinner time.

Other Stalls

Pop Corn & Cotton Candy

People of all age groups love to have POPCORN & Cotton candy. These items remind us of our childhood days. Birthdays are the time to be like kids and be a part of their joy.


Ladies and girls will love to get these traditional art work on their inner or outer palm.

We have experienced Mehendi artists who do designs very fast. They will do for any number of people for 3 hrs. Remember this is for fun not for wedding.

Tattoo & Body Coloring

We have Temp. Tattoos ( Can be removed by applying any oil ) Body paint ( Water proof but easily can be removed by rubbing with soap ) and Puffy stickers for Kids ( Just peel off to remove ).

Our Tattoos are always a BIG HIT because in spite of kids, both Men & Women like to try these body paintings…! These are skin friendly ….and interesting

Chocolate Fountain

This delicious hot Chocolate fountain will definitely water anyone’s mouth…!. Cakes / Wafers / Fruits….etc are used to dip in the yummy hot chocolate using a small stick. Anybody can try for 3 hrs.

Caricature / Portrait Artist

Our artists are fine art degree / diploma holders and with more experience in this field. They drew anybody’s face live and your guests can take that to home…!

Normally it is done on A4 sized white sheets. But you may consider getting it done on White Tiles / porcelain Mugs. So that they may keep your memento in their show cases…!

Name on Rice

Everyone will wonder seeing your name written on a tiny rice grain…!

This is something everyone loves to own. Get your guests name written on rice and that is dropped into a glass tube filled with clear oil. This set is made to use like a key chain…!

Jumbling Castle / Ball Pool

Let all those kids come to your party may jump…jump…jump and enjoy inside of an air filled balloon castle….!

Ball pool would have about 1000 balls in which kids can jump into…!. This also safe as it is filled with air.

Eli & Kili Jothsyam – Fortune Teller

White Rat & Parrot Fortune Telling..It is fun. Your guests will be surprised to see a white rat and a parrot selecting their fortune. The Fortune teller will say only good things that they like to hear.

Balloon Shooting

Shoot those balloons fixed in a distance with an Air gun. This is fun..! All kids and adults love to try their aim. This is absolutely safe. No Fire, No Big Sound.

Balloon Sculptures

An artist who would make balloon toys and designs by twisting and attaching balloons. Which is really a good stuff for kids? You can Choose 100 Balloons package / 200 Balloons Package depending the number of kids expected.

Other Services

Photography & Videography

It is very tough to get good photos of babies. We have well trained child photography specialists to take those special moments into an album. We use high quality & Latest Cameras and Lighting equipments. We shoot high quality video using 3CCD video Camera. You get a Digital Charisma Album with hundreds of stunning photos and a lot of special graphics works.

Take away Gifts for kids

You may plan for some take away gifts for all kids come over. If the number is lesser you can give customised gifts based on their age need. Like Kids Plates, Toys, Tiffin Boxes, Water Bottle, Pencils, Pens, Stickers, Candies, Sketch / Crayons, Educationsl DVD, Books …etc
If the numbers are more We will serve you with standard gifts for all.

Birthday Caps, Poppers, Foam Spray, Candles

Web Page for your Baby

A web page which we design in advance and keep for few months with Invitation, Your personal collection of Child’s Photos & Videos taken in mobile cam. Your Thoughts any fun with the baby…etc will be put before the function and Photos & Videos of the party will be displayed after the event.

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